Asset Management

Infinite Visions

We are specialised in Asset Optimisation and Asset Life Cycle Management. We have developed a unique multi-layered approach that incorporates asset identification, condition auditing, functional assessment, degradation modelling and strategic asset planning.

We are building and promoting the predictive approach to the asset management with the help of monitoring devices, IoTs and using the strong detailed algorithm for Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Our Challenge

We understand the issues with enterprise applications in asset management platforms, Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS), Computer-aided facility management (CAFM) and we believe there is a huge gap in realistic workflows and business operations. Maas Solutions is proud to assist the partners and clients for achieving the Facilities Management/Asset Management objectives both in short and long term. The asset management plan is an output of the asset management system (AMS) and takes into account the technical requirements of the asset portfolio that is within scope of the system. The plan is developed to ensure the organisation objectives are achieved throughout the life cycle of the assets.

Specialised in Asset Optimisation

Our Process

Our Solution

The sectors are faced with a barrage of challenges in managing physical assets, including budgetary constraints, demand for asset performance, regulatory insight, and operational, safety, and environmental risk. Asset Optimisation enables the sectors to derive cost savings by ensuring scarce capital resources are allocated in the most effective manner while achieving an organisation’s desired level of service for every class of asset.

Addresses Problems, Pressure Points & Business Bottlenecks

  • Fully integrated and interactive cloud-based platform using Asset Management Life Cycle principles
  • Dynamic analytics for strategic and informed decision-making
    Using Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning
  • Core features will accurately allow to forecast the maintenance and replacement cost of assets
  • Efficient workflows for strategic planning of your assets, property and documents
  • Designed for non-technical to expert and advanced technical users
  • User-friendly and accessible on multiple channels
  • Advanced data security- Cyber defence
  • Affordable for any business size
  • Reporting risk-based analytics
  • Edge computing

Our Process

Our business model will be a SaaS asset management platform to deliver cost efficiencies, operational streamlining, condition and risk-based life cycle asset management and analytical reporting, enabling intelligent outcomes across the entire asset portfolios and will be adopted for any forms of properties and industry sectors, verticals which will be addressing the gaps and problems that we are facing in originations from small to enterprise. The strong value add is our team joint operational background in the asset management space, allowing the platform to be purpose built for the industry and that clearly will set us apart from the other platforms and competitors. We will assist our clients to achieve their Facilities & Asset Management objectives both in short and long term

The tangible results of joined - up, risk - based, whole life cycle asset management are increasingly proven around the world and it’s the basis of our approach which inlcudes:

  • Alignment of processes, resources and functional contributions
    (instead of departmental silos and competing, short - term priorities)
  • Greater engagement of the workforce, including leadership, communications and cross - disciplinary teamwork
  • Better understanding and usage of data and information to provide informed and consistent decisions
  • Alignment and coordination of existing initiatives, including competency development
  • Creating a transparent audit trail for what is done, when and why
  • Consistent, prioritised and audit-able risk management
  • Improved planning (especially capital expenditure)